Steve Crawford

CEO | Senior Wealth Adviser

Steve Crawford
Owner | Senior Wealth Adviser

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What makes my day… My 3 boys playing in the back yard together….from cuddles to tears and back to laughing within 10 minutes. They help me focus on what is really important in life.

My favourite footy team… Syd-neeeeeee! Gotta love my Swannies…a lot like our EW team I think…not interested in glory for themselves, they just work hard for the team and know if they do their job the team will achieve something great!

I am passionate about… Helping my ’30 something’ year old clients make smarter more confident decisions around their money. The financial system in Australia is hard to navigate so I make it my job to not just show my clients the best way to do things, but more importantly teach them how to do it by themselves.

Now on a professional note…
Steve started Experience Wealth in 2008 with one aim, to build an advice business from the ground up that was 100% focussed on the needs of the “30 somethings” just like him. Our business needed to provide a Lifestyle and Financial Goal Planning process that was easy to understand, but sophisticated enough to help them with their big challenges (Buying their first home, starting a family, saving for their education, launching their own business etc).

Inside Experience Wealth Steve specialises in working with our Parents of School Aged Kids and Entrepreneurs (or plan to become one). Because he specialise in these two areas it means he has an excellent understanding of:

  • Education Funding – what it costs and the best way to save/invest for it
  • Property Upgrades – can you afford to keep your 1st home and upgrade to your family home?
  • Entrepreneurs – running a business is hard enough, so having a great understanding of your Business & Personal numbers takes the stress away…well a little
  • Early retirement plans – who wants to wait to 65 to retire??? Planning to retire early is one thing but funding it is even more important.

If you sound like someone that Steve can help make sure you ‘Schedule an appointment’ now for him to give you a call, so you can find out more.


  • Fellow Chartered Financial Practitioner (FChFP)
  • Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning (DipFS)

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