Frequently Asked Questions

What is it going to cost me to see you…and do you get paid those commissions that everyone is telling me to avoid?

Initially we won’t know how much value we can add to your world until we’ve had a chance to listen to your goals and dreams, this is why your first conversation with us is at our expense. From there you can either:
1) Progress to a Goal Planning Session ($220 once off fee)
2) Engage us to act as your Mortgage Broker (no direct cost – as we operate under the standard industry Mortgage Broking Commission model)
3) Decide to give option 1 or 2 a miss… and go your own way.

Because we believe in keeping Financial Advice simple we have a simple flat fee model. Our optional Initial and Ongoing Fee Packages & Plans are listed below:

Initial Advice Fees
* Money & Mortgage Management Plan – $995 incl. GST (one time only fee)
* Goal Action Plan – $500 per goal (typically most clients only ever have 1 or 2 goals they work on at a time)
* Lifestyle Protection & Retirement Plan – $2995 for Singles and $3995 for Couples (can usually be charged to your Super Fund where suitable)

Ongoing Advice Fees
* Virtual Coach Pack – $150/mth Singles or $200/mth Couples (up to 50% can be debited to your Super Fund where suitable)
* Personal Financial Coach Pack – $300/mth Singles or $400/mth Couples (up to 50% can be debited to your Super Fund where suitable)

We also don’t take any Insurance commissions – in fact we discount these out of your insurance products which can result in premiums that are 20% – 25% cheaper for an identical product, that you take out from advisers who take insurance commissions.

So what have you got to lose…. book a 100% obligation free discussion today

What is it you actually do?

It’s pretty simple really . We help our clients build a list of goals that are really important to them, then we give them a plan on how to achieve their goals, and guide them along the journey. Of course we actually do a lot more than this but we think this is the most important bit.

I thought financial advisers were just about Superannuation and Insurance…is this all you do?

We do help our clients understand what role Superannuation and Insurances play in their Wealth journey but we actually do a lot more than that. We also help them manage their money, control and reduce their debt, invest for the future, understand what options they have at tax time, and clean up all of their legal loose ends.

My friend told me that you help them manage their spending…how do you do that?

Once you know what your goals are, and what it will take to get there you’ll need to set some of your money aside to reach them…this usually means you’ll need to manage your spending. We break spending down into three categories being Living Expenses, Lifestyle Expenses and Savings. Getting the right balance is important as it helps you feel like you’ve got a life today as well as working on having a better one tomorrow. We send our clients Spending Reports each month which show them how they are tracking, what they spend their money on and ways to save more.

To do this we use and recommend the Xero Cashbook program.

I’m thinking about getting into an investment property…is now a good time to do this?

Now is always a good time to invest for your future, but buying an investment property has a lot of advantages (income, capital growth, security, tax deductible debt) as well as disadvantages (high setup costs, long time to get in and out of the investment, and high single investment risk).

The most important things to know before buying an investment property are:
1. Why do you want one in the first place? What is it really about…
2. What will it take to get into one and keep it for the long term?
3. How will owning it positively or negatively impact on my lifestyle?

We can help you answer all of these questions…when you’re ready to have a chat.

I really just wanted some advice about the best type of home loan for me…can you help with that?

Of course we can, we spend a lot of time helping you understand what makes a good loan, and the best way to use it when you get it…you’d be shocked to hear that banks tend to promote loans that are in their best interest not yours…we work for you so our favourite loans are those that help you pay them off faster and give you a solution that makes managing your money easy.

What about the saying “It takes money to make money” – does this mean you need lots to start with?

Not at all, actually we do some of our best work helping clients that have debt (home loans, credit cards, personal loans) as once you know how to get rid of bad debt you are on your way to building wealth.

I thought you didn’t really need a financial adviser until you get close to retirement?

Any time is a great time to get help with growing and protecting your wealth. In fact the earlier you start on this type of journey the more time you have to create wealth by using smart strategies.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions that are not listed here.