Meet "Financially" Single Sally

You Work hard to build your career, so why not get you money to work as hard as you do?

As a young professional, we know your looking to build your career and reward yourself for all the hard work you put in. But we also know that sometimes you may feel like you have to choose one of the big rewards over the others (like getting into your own home vs. travel and work overseas). Maybe you don’t have to choose… maybe there’s another way?

At Experience Wealth we believe in getting the right balance. This comes from clearly understanding what is really important to you… and knowing what you want to achieve from your life and in your career.

So where do you start?

Great wealth advice is all about YOU. It’s about your values, your hopes and dreams, it’s about helping you experience the life you really wont to live.

Once you’ve painted a picture of what you want to achieve based on what’s important to you the next part is to take a series of actions to achieve your goals. These actions form the foundations of your Wealth Plan and are designed to help you reach your goals, and protect the lifestyle that you already enjoy today.

How many of us readily understand where our money goes each month?

Understanding what you’ve got to work with is fundamental to you achieving your goals. Knowing what you earn, what you spend, what you own and what you owe enables you to figure out what you’ve got to work with and what you have available to invest towards your goals.

Do you know what it is going to take to get what you want?

Investing to reach your goals is the process of working out how much you are going to need and what it will take to get there, in the timeframe you want.

There's no point planning for a better tomorrow if you don't protect what you've got today.

You can Protect your Lifestyle and your Loved ones in three ways.

  1. By having an Emergency Fund in case you or your partner lost your job,
    or for other unforeseen circumstances.
  2. By making sure you’ve got enough in case the worst happens.
  3. And by being sure that if anything did go wrong, your wishes were taken care of.
Wouldn't it be nice if you always got the loan that was in your best interest and not theirs...

Like most people you probably feel like you could manage your debt a little better. By having the right type of loan you would be amazed at just how much you can save in interest. You also need to make sure your loan is flexible enough to change when you do.

Then all you need to do is put it all together in a plan that is easy to understand and follow.

Your plan will give you a set of step by step actions, designed to increase the likelihood of you achieving your goals. It will also demonstrate the potential rewards (both financial and non-financial) for all the hard work and efforts that you will be making along the way.

We know that things your plan needs to change too.

As you move through different stages in your life, what is important to you now may not be as important in the future. Your goals will change overtime and you need a plan that is flexible enough to change when you do.

How can Experience Wealth help?

Life presents us with choices and many paths to follow. Successful people make a decision to choose their own path, and it is not always the easiest one.

At Experience Wealth we believe having a specialist advice partner that has helped people just like you choose their path by making smart decisions about their wealth could be just what you need. So contact us to start walking your path today.

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